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The way we stereotype people in movies is mad. The way we judge people as a result of this is lunatic. We believe everything image tells us, we accept everything without thinking it through.


As a fat woman, people already have an opinion about me before I even say a word. They think they know exactly what my life looks like, because they have seen fat women in films. My life is exactly the same, right? The skinny girl, with the blonde hair and blue eyes gets the big house, boyfriend and the dog. But the other type, that doesn't look like the people we see in magazines, gets nothing. This allows people to think it is all true. I am fat, so therefore I am not loved, I do not enjoy life, I make mean jokes about myself and I am funny, because this is how I am portraited in movies or any other type of media.


But I know this is not true, so here is my own movie; She. Where I photographed myself as if my boyfriend photographed me in a loving, playfull and sensual way.