A romantic, vulnerable and soft series of a body that was thought to be none of the above. A series consisting of images we are already familiar with, but now molded into another appearance. Where photography is expressed as a romance with oneself. A therapy to reconnect with the reflection seen in the mirror.

Whenever I see a visual representation of my body, it’s negative. Fat bodies are defined as something lesser, both in our physical world and in our visual world. The pressure of having the perfect looks or body got even bigger with the coming of social media. As women we are shaped by the images we see of other women, we learn how to act, how to be and most important, how to look.

I am Fat. Fat and glorious. Fat and wise. Fat and worthy. Fat and everything the world claims me not to be.

The very camera and image itself taught me that. Photography worked as a therapy for me, to look at myself through something else than a mirror and to finally see myself, represented in a positive way. At first I only saw an exclusive, perfect group, but now I see me. The camera learned me how to love myself. And I want for these images to make other people realise that they are worthy as well, that ‘the beauty standard’ or ‘beauty ideal’ is a myth and not your life mission to accomplish. You are already there, so be.

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