In the summer of 2017 I started an Instagram called lovaeij, where I was planning to turn myself into a model. The online world has taken over our lives, which includes that the pressure of having the perfect looks or body got even bigger. Now, the "perfect image" is seen on social media on our phones and in magazines or on billboards. With this Instagram I wanted to prove that anyone can be a model nowadays. You don't have to be part of an exclusive group of people to be one anymore. I wanted to show that we overestimate the people we adore and want to look like. That I, as a photographer, could make myself a model, without anyone knowing that I am not. To put my fat body out there with a reason, to be visible. I wanted to reach 10.000 followers in a year, I wanted to become Instagram famous, to show the world "Instagram famous" is bullshit.


But soon, I noticed that my images were actually helping people. So now this is my platform where I share my photo's unapologetically. To show, that fat bodies exist and have the right to be, without being presented in a museum. I share my life with the world, I provoke, I love, I am.

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