Lotte is a fat women who is fascinated about the power of image, about what it can intrude and what it can rectify. Although she is most passioned about creating her own positive visual flow of fat bodies.

All of her life other people decided who she was, images of body's like hers defined her being, defined what she was and how she should actually look. As a result, people she met started to treat her the way mass media told everyone it was okay to treat a fat person. So her whole life revolved around losing weight to feel worthy, to be treated with respect and to feel beautiful.

After cetrain events in her life, she came to the realisation this was all absurd; to change yourself for the requirement of someone else, to fight a whole life to become someone you're simply not. So she stopped: "I was finally free, I decided to choose selflove and I was determinded to help everyone who experiences the same kind of struggle. With my images, I want to make people feel they are worthy, I want to challenge the system, provoke our visual culture and make people feel they belong and that they are not alone". Photography helped her in the process of accepting and later on loving herself. Photography has worked as a therapy for her and she thinks that in a place where images caused nothing but damage, it can also reverse to a remedy and something to open peoples eyes. 



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